Self-acceptance refers to recognizing your imperfections and accepting them for what they are. Rather than condemning yourself, you can stop obsessing about yourself and what people think of you. You can then focus on making changes that will help you feel happier.

It might all seem easy enough. But when you do a self-analysis and consider the question, “Do I accept myself?” it might feel odd. After all, what does accepting yourself even mean? And don’t we already accept ourselves as we live every day?

But it might surprise you to know that self-acceptance doesn’t happen automatically. Many people struggle to accept themselves for who they are, even when they’re delighted with their lives.

Self-acceptance isn’t about loving yourself. It doesn’t mean that you’re saying, “I’m wonderful.” It means you accept the way you look and the way you behave. It means you admit that others might not like you because you’re different from everyone else.

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