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Live Your Best Life in 6 Steps

Live Your Best Life in 6 StepsEveryone is different. It’s not reasonable to expect that everyone wants to live the same life. But, to step outside the options that society deems to be acceptable can be a little scary. Our need to impress and be accepted can be very...

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How To Have The Best Year Of Your Life

How To Have The Best Year Of Your LifeWhen was the last time you had a great year? What has been the best year of your life so far? This year can be different. You can have a great year without that much effort. You only need a new perspective and a plan.A few...

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How To Be More Optimistic Every Day

How To Be More Optimistic Every DayAre you a “glass half empty” kind of person?Maybe you consider yourself to be a realist, or you think you’re more of a pessimist. Either way, you might find that life gets a little more enjoyable when you can take a more optimistic...

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Avoid Being a Slave to Your Old Beliefs

Avoid Being a Slave to Your Old BeliefsThere are plenty of beliefs you hold that you allow to influence your life. You haven’t even given many of these beliefs a lot of thought.For example, you probably have similar religious beliefs as your parents. Did you ever sit...

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