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How Time Management Can Improve Your Life

Time Management Coaching. Many people work themselves extremely hard to make a success of their lives – but are they working EFFECTIVELY? Could they be more productive if they managed their time better?

The answer is almost definitely, “Yes”.

It’s all about awareness. You can teach someone as many time management tricks and techniques as you like, but without awareness – without the knowledge of what you currently do, and how you sabotage yourself – you’re going to continue making the same mistakes.

And without understanding your priorities, and working on your priorities first, your life is going to fill up with less important things. Ultimately this is very unsatisfying – and this lack of satisfaction is often why you come to coaching – to achieve goals, dreams and be held accountable to make meaningful changes in your life.

You’ll enjoy your life more when you manage your time more effectively:

In this day and age, we all just seem to get busier and busier. How many times have you said to yourself, “I wish there were more hours in the day?” Time Management Coaching

When you begin to put wise time management techniques into practice, you’ll no longer be tossed in every direction by the storms of life. By learning to focus your energy in the right direction, you’ll get more done and complete all of the important things that you must accomplish.

In this 3 Module / 7 Time Management Coaching Series we explore and identify your prioritise and what really matters – across all aspects of your life and work. At the end of this coaching series you will obtain the tools tools and awareness to ensure your priorities are prioritised!

Reasons for Joining our Time Management Coaching Series

Do More with Less

Fewer Problems

Achieve Goals Faster

Boost Confidence

Make Work and Life Meaningful

Mobilizes effort

About our Time Management Coaching Series

Do More in Less Time – And Have More Time for Yourself

Getting things done brings such a great feeling of accomplishment, but it can also be overwhelming if the task seems insurmountable. Sometimes, the days just don’t seem long enough to do everything we want to do. When that happens, worry can set in, but it doesn’t have to!

You can do more than you ever thought was possible, and in less time too, giving yourself time to relax and really enjoy life

It all begins with a solid foundation of time management and scheduling. It’s okay if you’re not a good time manager right now, you can learn to be. It just takes a little bit of practice and you’ll soon be getting more and more done.

When you see how much you’re accomplishing, you’ll work even harder during your busy times, and enjoy those down times more thoroughly. These coaching sessions will help you become an expert manager of your time.

Time Management Coaching Covers 3 Essentials Areas

Module 1. Crucial Time Management Concepts! – Use these 3 sessions to learn core time management concepts that will SHIFT the way you manage your time

In this section you will learn why you should work on your priorities first, and also to work on what’s important – before it becomes urgent.

You will also learn a powerful technique to help you focus on high impact, easy to do tasks so you will procrastinate less and achieve more.

Session 1. Big Rocks and Little Rocks Exercise

The Big Rocks Exercise has a powerful visual and story to help you understand the importance of prioritizing your goals and actions. Often when your not moving forwards it’s because you haven’t identified your priorities /what matters most to you. When we work on your “Big Rocks” first, we can focus on getting what really matters done.

Session 2. Urgent Important Matrix

The Urgent Important Matrix Template is a great tool to introduce the idea of more effective time management. In particular this tool shows that spending our time wisely – including planning – prevents crises from arising. It also helps the client identify their own unique time wasters and interruptions. This empowers people to manage their limited time resources so that they get their priority tasks done in more enjoyable and less stressful way

Session 3. Action Priority Matrix

The Action Priority Matrix is a tool to help you achieve more with the time you have. It offers a super-simple technique to identify high impact tasks, quick wins – and avoid or minimise painful and unnecessary ‘hard slog’ tasks. Great to get you client motivated to work on high impact tasks and to let go of tasks with little reward.

Module 2. Get Focused & Motivated: Use these Tools to get super-focused on a weekly and daily basis-and more motivated from within.

In Module 1 you were introduced to some key time management concepts including working on your priorities, working on what’s important before it becomes urgent and focusing on high impact tasks.

In this module, you will learn to plan your day and week according to those priorities and discover what words motivate you (and which de-motivate)

Session 4. New “To Do” List – Weekly Daily – Task Planner

People procrastinate both intentionally, and because they’re just so busy. They fill their days with activities, but don’t take the big steps towards their goals and dreams! Well, this session helps you work first on what matters most!

Our big goals take a lot of work and time. This session will help you take action on a regular basis – and achieve your goals, often faster! You will learn to focus on key high priority actions and identify quick wins both weekly and daily. By being super focused, trying to do less, and working on top priorities first you can’t help but get more done.

Session 5. Get Motivated! What Words Inspire You to Action?

The words you use can significantly impact how you feel. Which words most inspire you to take action? Which words most demotivate them? This exercise helps you understand just that – giving you the opportunity to change the words you use, be more motivated and boost productivity.

Module 3. Removing Obstacles to Effectiveness: What gets in the your way of being more effective? Yourself? Others? Spending too much time in the wrong areas? Find out

In Section 1 you were introduced to some key time management concepts including working on your priorities, working on what’s important before it becomes urgent and focusing on high impact tasks.

In Section 2, you learned to plan your day and week according to those priorities and discover what words motivate you (and which de-motivate!).

In this section, you will look at what’s getting in the way of managing your time better, including handling your interruptions better, looking at how you sabotage yourself and seeing how you really spend your time – so you can make changes to align with your priorities.

Session 6. Interruptions Blaster Exercises

Are you wasting time with distractions and interruptions? Could you be more effective if you were more focused? Well, if your always being interrupted (or keep interrupting yourself) this is a powerful awareness raising session. Identify your unique interruption and interruption patterns – and set actions to reduce / minimize the interruptions. This session includes helpful interruption management tips and techniques.

Session 7. NOT To-Do List Exercise

The goal of this session is to identify things NOT to do – things that slow you down or get in the way of them achieving you goals. People often already have a pretty good idea of things they could stop doing.

Session 8. Expose Your Hidden Time Wasters

This session will help you get real about where your time goes with this powerful time-charting session. What hidden time wasters do you have in your life that could be adjusted to make them more effective? How could you have more time available for yourself and what really matters? Expect ‘Aha’ moments

Unlock Your Potential with Time Management Coaching

Perhaps you feel that there’s just not enough time for you. Somewhere in the mix, you lost any time you ever had for yourself. However, the good news is that, with some creativity and perseverance, you can recapture some of that critical you-time!

By planning your time wisely, you’ll accomplish more and be able to reap the many benefits of true relaxation when you’re done. It’s well worth the effort!

Decide what is most important to you. Once you learn to make time for you, you’ll have more energy and time to enjoy the good things life has to offer.

Client Testimonials

Michael was great to work with. He is an a true expert in his field and a very effective listener. As a result we were able to very quickly establish a program that helped me to focus on my specific time management and productivity objectives.

Erin P

My experience with Michael was amazing and priceless. I started with reading one of his articles and turned into a life-changing experience- a major milestone in my life. Definitely a good choice. I recommend Michael with full confidence

John Cohen

Begin today – think through the dreams that are in your heart

By using effective time management, your life will never be the same

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