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How to Create Effective Goals

A very significant component of my personal coaching practice is goal setting. In order to reach a goal, one has to set them.

The ability to set goals makes an enormous contribution to the success of an individual. Most successful people are goal-orientated.

They take time to identify what it is that they want and they build up a really clear and detailed picture of what achieving the goal will look and feel like. They then take regular action to move towards their goal.

Sounds simple enough right?
Well it is when you have the right tools and techniques to guide you.

Without goals, there would be no passion, purpose, or drive in life. If your goals are too vague, you’ll find much more difficulty on your journey than if you’d properly prepared in the first place.

Our 3 Module / 8 Session Extraordinary Goal Setting Series we explore the vision you have for your life, help set goals which fit into the bigger picture, explore and decide which goals are most meaningful (or exciting!) to move forward with, look at goal ecology, obstacles, success boosters and begin to take action.

Reasons for Joining our Goal Setting Coaching Series


Focuses attention

Enhances persistence

Encourages you

Greater success strategies

Faster results

Mobilizes effort

About our Goal Setting Coaching Series

Every now and then, you may ponder the complexities and maybe even some chaos in your life. You might struggle to figure out what’s next. Maybe you feel confused at times about which way to go. Have you thought about setting your life priorities to make your life easier?

We all have things we want to accomplish in life and, for the most part, we do our best to achieve those goals. Sometimes, however, we manage to set goals that aren’t effective or achievable and this can cause us a great deal of strife.

How do you know if your goals are effective and achievable?

The Extraordinary Goal-Setting Coaching Covers 5 Core Areas:

Module 1. Your Vision For Their Life. Identify a Whole Life Vision that maps onto a 10 year vision and then onto 3 month vision.

When people have a vision for their lives it makes everything easier, from goal-setting, prioritising actions and day-to-day activities to making tough decisions.

In addition, when goals align with the vision you have for your life – and what’s most important to you – you’re more motivated.

These visioning exercises will help you envision and set the scene for a bigger version of your life, as well as providing essential input to the goal-setting process.

Session 1. Whole Life Vision with “The Rocking Chair + 2 Other Life Vision Exercises

Most people have a vision for their lives inside them – whether they’re consciously aware of it or not. In this Session we explore the vision you have for yourself, giving you the context you need to get inspired and move forwards. The 3 Visioning exercises (with questions to consider and guide your clients) are:

1. Rocking Chair Life Vision Exercise: Imagine you’re 90 years old looking back over your life.

2. Retirement Party Exercise: Imagine your retirement (or a big birthday) party.

3. Newspaper Article Writing Exercise: Imagine a milestone you’ve achieved.

Session 2. 10 Year Vision Exercise

When setting goals it’s important to know how our shorter term goals fit into the bigger perspective of our lives. This visioning exercise (as you might expect) is about helping you get perspective, understand the bigger picture and work backwards so you can prioritize what you need to start doing now to achieve your 10 year goals.

Session 3. 3 Month Vision Practice

This simple visioning tool helps you identify balanced and meaningful short-term goals. This 3 month vision will help set goals that clearly map onto the bigger picture envision of your life.

Your asked to consider how you want your life to be in 3 months’ time across different key life-areas. Once you have completed this coaching exercise, it’ll be easy to drive out and set goals for the next 3 months using the notes you’ve made.

Module 2. Picking Goals to Move Forwards With. Brainstorm your vision and goal ideas. Select
meaningful goals that add real value to your life.

Everyone knows how important it is to have goals, but sometimes our you have no idea where to start or you may have goals but your goals are dull, uninspiring or don’t have real meaning for them.

A key part of the coaching process is to help you choose goals that are exciting or have meaning for them

Session 4. Wild Goal Brainstorming

The perfect goal brainstorming tool! Use this goal brainstorming session to help you discover more exciting and/or meaningful goals, and consider which goals to move forwards with. There are 3 distinct steps to this tool – each on a separate page.

Part 1 – Goal Brainstorming (from the “wacky” to the “wild”)

Part 2 – Goal Scoring each potential goal according to the value it TRULY adds to your life (great for prioritising which goals to move forwards with).

Part 3 – Identify and explore up to 10 possible focus areas that could be turned into goals.

Module 3. Goal Ecology & Motivation. Explore WHY you want your goals, and why NOW to gain
maximum commitment.

What’s the point of your goals? Because until you understand WHY you want your goals,

it’s difficult to go the extra mile. Once you understand WHY you want something (and really CONNECT with that reason) you have a lot more motivation, focus and energy to put into achieving your goals.

Session 5. (Understanding) The Why of Your Goals

We usually avoid asking “Why?” as it can damage rapport, seem judgemental or adversarial. BUT when it comes to goals, we MUST ask “Why?” to help understand what’s driving you and fully commit to your goals – so you’ll do what is necessary to achieve them.

Session 6. Goals Motivator – Find Your Hidden Treasure!

Until you understand WHY you want your goals, it’s difficult to go the extra mile. This session especially focuses on big or challenging goals – to increase energy, focus, motivation and commitment by connecting you to the “hidden treasure” of not only WHY you want your goal, but why NOW?

This Coaching Exercise looks at one particular goal, why you want it, specifically why NOW, and how it will help you feel.and reflect on what you will do differently about your goal with the knowledge you’ve gained from completing this session.

Module 4. Nailing Down and Making SMART Goals. Making your goals more effective by setting SMART goals and identifying obstacles.

Learn how to set super-SMART goals with this module and really get them moving!

This goal-setting module explains how to set a SMART goal, pinpoints goal benefits, detects obstacles, identifies short term actions and gets inspired by describing what your life will be like once the goal module is complete.

Coaching Video: Do Your Goals Support Your Values?

Session 7. Nail That Goal! and learn how to set SMART Goal

Get moving once you have chosen a big goal to work with. and get deeper when there may be goal-commitment issues or when you struggles to get going.

Module 5. Annual Goal-Setting Practice. The process of setting 3 specific Annual Goals from start through to an action to take tomorrow!

Goal Setting is something many people like the idea of, but few people actually do! Refocus the mind and think about what would make a successful year ahead

Coaching Video: 5 Goals For Self-Improvement

Session 8. Annual Goal Setting Practice Part 1 and Part 2

This fun goal setting is fun – and easy to complete. These sessions will help you set 3 powerful and meaningful goals for the year ahead by answering a series of questions in bite-sized chunks to get clear and focused on what you want from the year ahead to firm up commitment

Learn to Set Goals and make Lasting Change

Do you find it easy to set exciting goals, but you lose track somewhere along the way? As much as you want to lose weight or earn a promotion, you often find yourself back where you started. Setting daily goals may be your key to success.

Hang onto your long-term objectives but use short term goals to guide you towards your ultimate destination. Find out more about the benefits of daily goals and how to use them.

Finding it too easy to hit your goals? Maybe you have goals that simply don’t challenge you – and in this case, are they really goals at all?

When it comes to making goals that help you in the long run, it’s important to ensure that they are progressive. By this, we mean that they are steppingstones to greater success.

Client Testimonials

I have TRULY enjoyed working with Michael. From our first session, I realized how much I could enjoy pushing myself beyond where I thought I could go! He leads in such a way that is welcoming and friendly stressing that we do what we can – that there is no perfection. Yet, he also challenges me every step of the way, offering assists as well as correcting my vision

Sara Kalashian

I loved working with Mike. He was demanding, fair and knew just when to push me. I even changed my work schedule to work with him. He taught me a lot and never treated me like the old man that I am.

Carl Falco

Michael is awesome! I’m so grateful for his instruction. As a teacher he is uplifting spiritually, and brings a presence that is somehow both calming and energizing. I highly recommend Michael


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