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Mindfulness Coaching and Success Coaching

Personal Life Coaching

One-to-one coaching sessions offer a powerful and effective way to explore your life purpose and potential. We’ll work together to find ways to break old patterns and habits and build new, empowering strategies that enact sustained, genuine change.

Group Coaching

Enjoy the network of support that group coaching offers, providing a safe space for confidential discussion. Experience shared growth with people who are on the same path of you and the additional accountability and motivation it brings.

Coaching with Michael

The world is a messy place – one that’s packed with challenges and demands, all fighting for your attention at the same time. Juggling your health, your job, your family, your friends, your feelings, your life…

…it’s all too easy to lose your path and find yourself lost, confused, stressed out, and wondering how you ever got here in the first place.

Deep down inside, you have all the answers to your questions and a genuine life purpose that’s begging to be set free. My holistic, spirit-based life coaching helps you to clear the mental clutter, kick chaos out, and start working toward a life that gives you happiness and fulfillment.

If you are ready to start dreaming and working for those dreams again, I am here to give you the support, strategies, and motivation you need to start living your best life with purpose.

Let’s Connect

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama

As a life coach, I am passionate about helping other people – that means you! – to re-connect with their life purpose.

You have amazing dreams, and you deserve genuine happiness. You were born with a great purpose in mind, and you have the power to transform your life and make it happen.

Connect with me today and start your ultimate journey toward a life that exceeds all your wildest expectations. At the same time, you will be fulfilling your deepest-seated needs: it’s that simple!

What is Your True Purpose

Looking to gain a little direction in work and life? Take this three-minute quiz to discover your true purpose. On top of that, I’m going to give you my top tips for making goals that align with your unique strengths! Let’s get started…

Elevate Life Project Podcast


Join us on our podcast for people looking to Aim Higher, and Elevate their Life

Each week listeners will gain a deeper understanding, that every person has a powerful purpose – one that completes his or her life vision. As we explore different topics on personal growth and spirituality, the audience will learn different ways to have a happy and successful life.

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Coaching Video: Finding Joy in the Simplicity of Life

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Affirmation:  I seize life

Affirmation: I seize life

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9 Qualities the Best Leaders Adopt

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Affirmation:  I can make my dreams happen.

Affirmation: I can make my dreams happen.

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About Me

Today, I am living my personal truth.  I am a  Certified Life Coach

I am a trained mindfulness coach, a trained success coach, and a lecturer in the art and science of mindfulness. I wake up with a simple purpose daily: to help others rediscover their powerful inner desires and give them the tools they need to make it happen.

Whether through one-on-one sessions, a group setting, or across vast distances online, I am rewarded with witnessing significant breakthroughs in my clients.

There is nothing more uplifting than the joy of helping others to rediscover their true power – and to guide them toward their rightful birth heritage.

Now you can use my extensive training and discipline to help you. I want nothing more than to see you succeed in your life.

You deserve it, and you have every right to enjoy nothing less than a happy and fulfilling life!


Michael has an upbeat manner and is very positive. It was great to look at my life holistically and then focus down on the areas that I really wanted to improve. I found that the sessions were a pleasurable experience. The sessions provided lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make.
Kristen Smith-Lewis

Though I have never seemed to suffer from a lack of enthusiasm, I was frustrated because I felt I was stuck and lacked a life passion. Thanks to Mukunda, in just a few sessions, I now have a vision and a bright new path! Thank you for lighting the way! You are a unique and truly gifted life coach. You had a miraculous way of distilling my words and ideas and honing in on my true desires.
Sam Sebastion Writemore

Michael has helped me in ways I could not possibly have ever imagined. He saw me at my worst and has gotten me to my current best self, and is continuing to help me grow. Not only did he help me battle my Lyme disease and learn to deal with my ADHD he helped me be more accepting of myself and those I choose to surround myself with. He’s amazing!
Emily K

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