Have you ever, established lofty goals with the best intentions, and then discover two months later, that you have not achieved one new aspiration for the year? While living your life, going through your daily routine do you find yourself, exhausted with little or no energy to achieve your dreams and reach your highest best version of yourself?

Exhaustion is the by-product of exceeding a person’s capacity for emotional stress. Most individual experience exhaustion, even when we’re not aware that we’ve depleted our emotional reserves. Experience suggests most people feel completely alone, but every person in the modern world has pushed themselves to states of exhaustion. Persons liken themselves to others through social media and use clichés’ like “Being super busy” as a status symbol.

It is important to notice these signs of emotional exhaustion to avoid further interpersonal, work, school, or other social and spiritual problems. It is important to notice the signs of exhaustion to prevent unnecessary physical or emotional hardship. When a persons’ bucket is full, it is easier to find grace in the day, to find pleasure in the days ahead and manage the trials in life.

When a person’s bucket is empty, it is more problematic to cope with the obstacles that arise while living in the material world. Perhaps the most important thing an individual can do to live a mindful and spiritual life is to maintain his or her emotional bucket.

Energy is a person’s capacity to work in the material and contribute to the betterment of all beings. When a person is on a spiritual quest in this chaotic material world, and he or she is having a crisis of consciousness about his or her ability to face their inner demons and greatest life fears, where should he or she turn? A person has the best of intentions when it comes to connecting with the divine, yet more often than not a person seems to be unable to meet his or her expectations in life.

The purpose in life is to know and understand the inner self; a person’s life mission, values, vision of how to live mindfully and spiritually, and discovering true fulfillment. Knowing a person’s true self requires a high level of introspection and self-awareness.

By maintaining and continuing to fill a person’s spiritual and emotional bucket it becomes easier to find clarity to at least half of what is listed above. At the same time, the process of discovery never ends – it’s a life-long journey.

It’s often difficult to be attentive to a person’s emotional and spiritual bucket because he or she is often too tired and too disconnected to care. By being aware of our mind and body, we can detect the signs of emotional exhaustion early and work on ways to avoid a total breakdown.

If we pass the point of no return and we hit our stress peak, we have the opportunity to recover and start again. We can empty our emotional tanks of negativity and begin filling them with the things that matter most in life.


Here are a few Suggestions to help you restore, renew and refill your emotional and spiritual bucket:


  1. Get active rest: Rest is a required and is a basic human need.
  2. Check your Emotional State: A negative attitude that keeps you focused on everything wrong in life, and that is consistently looking for future problems, is a huge energy drain.
  3. Make time for Fun. Fun takes away restrictions and eliminates deadlines and stretches your muscles like nothing else.
  4. Find a touch of nature. No matter where we are, adding a little bit of nature to our day can awaken our creative cells like nothing else—even a strong cup of coffee.
  5. Meditate Daily
  6. Spend time with other People that Fill our Buckets and Bring out the best version of ourselves
  7. Spend time in Gratitude being thankful

What’s your level of emotional intelligence?

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I am a Board Certified Life Coach, a Board Certified Health Coach, and a teacher of Mindfulness Living who helps people unlock their potential and live life on Purpose

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