Mindful living, at times has the potential to be difficult and challenging, thus providing an individual with an easy excuse to point his or her finger towards other people and other social groups as the blame for their suffering. It is much simpler and quicker to look at external factors as the root cause to a person’s hardship, rather than the more difficult choice to gaze inward and examine a person’s own action and behaviors that lead to adversity. People can only control three things in life; how an individual thinks, how a person feels, and how he or she behaves. Every other event in life is an external factor that is out of his or her control.

What role does kindness and compassion play in bridging a world that is growing increasingly fragmented? At a pivotal point in a persons’ life, when hardship and difficultly causes feelings of despair and anger, in a reality that has less opportunity for comfort of living, it feels easier to be unkind; especially when a person feels that the universe is working against them. Being assertive or speaking an opinion does not have to equate to being mean; there are ways for an individual to standup for his or her beliefs while remaining polite, compassionate, and thoughtful towards other people and other beings.

Having money doesn’t equate to success. People who behave horribly for the pursuit of financial reward do so because they’re hurting and using money as a tool to heal their pain. However, Financial wealth does not ease suffering. Truly successful people, who live life without continuous suffering do so by being kind towards all beings, knowing how to give and receive love, live joyfully, and attract abundance through unselfishness. Kindness is a good habit that has a lasting effect that supports and reinforces the quest for the good life. Helping others bestows a sense of satisfaction, and over time people who do good deeds develop a friendly and joyful personality that attracts and magnetizes those they associate with and brings kindness their way.

Selfless acts of giving, be it a smile, a word of encouragement, or the offer of a helping hand, result in an emotional uplift not only for others, but also for the individual. When a person is healed and living a meaningful life filled with kindness, abundance flourishes and success manifests in all ways. It may be a bit less complicated than what think but to a happier life lies in a person innate power to be kind. People cannot afford to continue with the negative habit of being unkind toward other people and other beings. The easiest most real solution for supporting personal growth and healing the world is being kind towards others without exception. May all beings be happy and free may all peoples thoughts words and action contribute in someway to that happiness and to that freedom for all. Peace, Peace, Peace.

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