Fables & Short Stories

Life is Short: Learn to Live it ON Purpose

Max the Honest Marker Fable

A story about why honesty is always the best policy. Max the marker longed to show his beautiful color. Luckily, when the twins joined the class, he got his chance. But why did he have to wait so long? Short Story… Being part of an assortment of colored dry erase...

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Selena the Self- Confident Snake Fable

A story about loving your true self… Short Story Growing up in the jungle with her friends in the animal kingdom brought Selena Snake a lot of joy. It warmed her heart to know she made forever friends. But, would she be able to keep those friends as she grew?...

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The Earnest Elephant Fable

A story about the value of pushing for what you want until you get it. Ethan Elephant was just a child, as far as elephants go, but he was learning important elephant skills each day. Then, one day, he realized that all his cousins seemed to know things that he...

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The Pursuit Of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness A story about a small pup with big dreamsChester the pup goes after his dreams and fulfills his destiny despite the doubters Short Story Chester was a tiny little Chihuahua. He was excited to start pup school, but he was also nervous because...

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The New Job

The New Job the story of a ‘people pleaser’ who pleased no one. Sarah was new in town and went out of her way to help others. Unfortunately, Sarah took on more than she could do… Short story. Sarah was on top of the world! She had recently graduated from college and...

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