Why do persons accept as truth the notion that living a disciplined life is monotonous, and why do individuals allow these beliefs to guide them to feel trapped in a mundane life? I believe that having self-control is NOT tedious, but more exactly the road to personal freedom. Discipline can lead you to what you are truly yearning for in life. Every day, the most successful people in life practice discipline. Boundaries lead to greater freedom when the discipline we establish allows for spaciousness in life. When we say yes to one thing, we are saying no to something else. Life is all about making choices. Discipline provides a person with the tools to control one’s urges, emotions, and behavior. Self-restraint allows a person to turn down instant gratification in favor of gaining the long-term satisfaction of achieving meaningful and lasting goals.

Discipline and personal self-restraint are fundamental principals for a healthy and functioning society and without them, communities around the world would be in complete disarray. As modern society continues to move faster and faster, people are increasingly susceptible to and unable or unwilling to look at the long-term effects of their actions. This further demonstrates why this is such a crucial skill to have in life. Next to having a life vision, self-discipline is the most critical component to achieving a goal. It provides you with the tools to overcome any obstacles that come your way on your path to achieving your life’s purpose.

Discipline as a key component to achieve happiness is a universal truth for all people and all beings. Spending money frivolously without financial self-control leads to uncontrollable debt and a life of scarceness. However, living on a budget and saving a portion of your income will eventually lead to feelings of abundance and freedom. Eating without limitations leads to health issues and excess weight, both of which will eventually limit your freedom. A daily schedule without any structure leads to idleness and inactivity.

A part of living life on purpose is developing self-discipline to achieve greatness. It takes hard work and determination to accomplish anything worthwhile. Deciding to be conscious of our habits, actions and behaviors leads to true lasting freedom. Creating unnecessary burdens by living life without care only leads to further hardship. Luck happens when hard work and self-discipline meet opportunity.

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