Affirmation: My goals are achievable.

Check out this week’s affirmation: My goals are achievable.

Achievable goals are the pinnacle of a smart goal-setting strategy. Sure, you should be able to achieve your goals, generally speaking. Yet, there is a lot more to achievable goals. This is because goals are high-productivity enablers. By itself, goal-setting provides structure to individual or team efforts. Affirmation: My goals are achievable.

And making sure that goals are achievable builds on that. Most of all, achievable goals motivate. They become a milestone. One that requires resilience. To put it simply, achievable goals are something people feel. Achievable goals reward because they feel like the achievement that they are.

My goals are achievable.

Each of my goals is within my ability to achieve. I have very high expectations for my life, but I ensure that the goals I set are achievable. I know that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. My goals are achievable and believable. Affirmation: My goals are achievable.

I can accomplish any goal I set. I am able to achieve goals that are outside my current skillset, because I am willing to learn whatever is necessary to be successful.

I am adaptable. I am like a chameleon. I can become whatever I need to become in order to ensure my success.

I have a plan that brings me closer to my goals every day. I make progress each day toward my goals. Even the tiniest amount of progress is enough to ensure that my goals are achieved, as long as I consistently move forward. Affirmation: My goals are achievable.

I am willing to do all the work necessary to reach my objectives.

I have positive expectations. I fully expect to achieve every goal I set. My goals are achievable, because I believe they are achievable. I have the highest possible level of confidence in myself. I am an incredibly capable person.

Today, I am committed to making progress toward my goals. I am taking a step toward achieving each of my goals today. I am certain that my goals are achievable. Affirmation: My goals are achievable.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are my goals? What am I doing each day to achieve them?

2. What skills do I need to develop to ensure that my goals will be achieved?

3. Do I have doubts about my ability to achieve my goals? What can I do to address these doubts?

Affirmation: My goals are achievable.

Affirmation: My goals are achievable.

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