Check out this week’s affirmation: I take on new challenges.

Life is full of challenges. Some people seem to meet every challenge with confidence, while others struggle to overcome them. Pittas especially get a sense of satisfaction from facing challenges head on—it brings a sense of accomplishment and can be very fulfilling. Affirmation I take on new challenges.

On some level, you actually seek challenges. Your highest self wants you to learn and grow, and life’s most effective tool toward growth is experience.

The problem is that all too often you might find yourself faced with the same challenges over and over again, and that’s when you start to lose motivation to face the issue and lose sight of the potential lesson.

At that point, challenges can become problems that can spiral you into despair and frustration. Affirmation I take on new challenges.

I take on new challenges.

I continue to learn and grow. Affirmation I take on new challenges.

I maximize my health and fitness.

I make positive changes to my diet. I eat more vegetables, fruits, and other whole foods rich in fiber and nutrients. I cut back on excess sugar and salt. I prepare meals and snacks at home instead of dining out.

I increase my physical activity. I make exercise a daily habit. I do aerobics and lift weights. I walk or ride my bike rather than using my car for short trips. Affirmation I take on new challenges.

I advance my career.

I acquire new qualifications. I sign up for training courses at work and earn certifications online. I join professional associations and read publications related to my field.

I take initiative. I volunteer for difficult projects at work. I speak up at meetings. I attend networking events and coach other employees. I look for opportunities to address weak points and increase quality.

I pursue my passions. I spend more time working on my hobbies rather than watching TV or browsing online. I make art and play sports. I study foreign languages and start a flower garden. Affirmation I take on new challenges.

I create more love and friendship in my life. I spend quality time with family and friends. I enjoy shared meals, weekend outings, and deep discussions. I reach out to new acquaintances.

Today, I face my fears and dare to aim higher. I build my confidence and strengthen my abilities each time I tackle another challenge. I feel motivated and successful. Affirmation I take on new challenges.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do challenges make my life more interesting?

2. What is one example of how I successfully conquered my limits?

3. What is one demanding activity that I enjoy?

Affirmation I take on new challenges.

What’s your level of emotional intelligence?

Find out if your emotional intelligence is helping or hindering your growth! .

Affirmation I take on new challenges.

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