Check out this week’s affirmation: I stay positive.

Broken down to essentials, caring about something is the foundation of focus. After all, the more passion you have about something, the easier it is for you to pay attention to it. Focusing on something that holds no meaning to you can be very challenging. Affirmation I stay positive.

If you look at anything spectacular that you’ve ever done, it probably involved something that you cared about very deeply. This isn’t just a coincidence. Focus isn’t about discipline; it’s about passion

I stay positive. Affirmation I stay positive.

I am full of optimism and hope. I expect to be successful. I set challenging and realistic goals that motivate me to keep trying. I dream big and aim high. Thinking boldly helps me to accomplish more.

I focus on solutions. I view challenging situations as opportunities to learn and grow.

I develop healthy habits. Keeping my mind and body strong gives me the energy and resources I need to stay active and engaged. I eat a balanced and nutritious diet. I go to bed and wake up early. I exercise regularly. Affirmation I stay positive.

I remind myself that setbacks are temporary. When I lose one thing, I may gain another that is even more fulfilling. Life is full of ups and downs. I remember my purpose and continue to pursue my goals. Affirmation I stay positive.

I know that, with hard work and determination, I can turn things around.

I choose to be happy. When I lose my car keys, or my cat coughs up a hairball on my favorite rug, I can still be joyful. I am in charge of my outlook on life. I keep a gratitude journal. Writing about my blessings helps me to be content with what I have.

I feed my mind with encouraging affirmations. I repeat uplifting statements to myself and contemplate their meaning.

I help others. Taking the focus off myself makes me happier and more fulfilled.

Today, I look on the bright side. I have confidence in myself and my ability to handle anything that comes my way. I feel excited about my life. Affirmation I stay positive.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some of the health benefits of being optimistic?

2. Why is optimism empowering?

3. How can I stay focused on the things that I can control?

Affirmation I stay positive.

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Affirmation I stay positive.

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Affirmation I stay positive.

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