Check out this week’s affirmation: I stand in my Authentic Power.

Being your authentic self can feel risky now in our screen-obsessed world. We’re just trying to fit in, be liked, and be accepted by other human beings. And as a result, the image we present (on our social media profiles and IRL) have become mere presentations of who we think we should be and not reflections of who we really are.

Authenticity and purpose are closely linked: A deep sense of purpose can help you to express your authenticity, while developing authenticity will often help you discover your purpose. Affirmation I stand in my Authentic Power.

I stand in my Authentic Power.

I value myself completely. I avoid waiting for the external acknowledgment to say that I have value. I realize that now is the time to seize my personal power.

I see that out in the World many things are quietly taking people’s power away from them. I refuse to allow that to happen to me. I determine my own outcomes. Affirmation I stand in my Authentic Power.

I seize my power back from Fear. I refuse to feel afraid any longer.

I have clarity about what is really going on. I am a visionary. I see how Fear likes to erode people’s self-esteem. However, Fear lacks any sort of power over me.

I feel this inner strength well up inside me that is overwhelming. I have newfound strength and determination. Affirmation I stand in my Authentic Power.

I feel larger than life. I know nothing can defeat me.

I refuse to fall prey to Fear. I remember the acronym of the word FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real.

I feel invincible. I have slain the dragon of Fear forever. Affirmation I stand in my Authentic Power.

Having overcome many dragons of the past, I stand tall at the top of the mountain. I plant the flag of invincibility. Nothing can stop me.

I feel like the Statue of Liberty. I feel solid as a stone in my resolve.

Today, I am stalwart in standing in my Authentic Power. I have the courage to present my true self to the world. I can overcome any challenge that dares to step in my way. Affirmation I stand in my Authentic Power.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do to uphold my new standard of Authentic Power?

2. How can I show that I will be stalwart in my self-determination?

3. Who all needs to see this new me?

Affirmation I stand in my Authentic Power.

Affirmation I stand in my Authentic Power.

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