Check out this week’s affirmation: I define my own worth. Affirmation: I define my own worth.

Self-esteem encapsulates the thoughts and feelings you experience at each moment. These thoughts and feelings have a direct impact on your results, behavior, and performance.

Self-esteem is primarily built upon the value derived from doing the things that get you your desired outcomes. But it’s more than just about “doing” something.

Self-esteem is instead a direct outcropping of how you feel about yourself at any given moment. This is based purely on your actions. Affirmation: I define my own worth.

I define my own worth.

My self-esteem comes from within.

I create my own meaningful and compelling goals. Tackling worthwhile challenges gives me a sense of purpose and adds to my accomplishments. My confidence soars.

I honor my principles. My actions align with my values.

I set boundaries. I let others know how I wish to be treated. I remove myself from relationships and situations that cause unnecessary stress and interfere with my wellbeing. Affirmation: I define my own worth.

I advocate for myself. I ask for help when I need it. I treat myself with respect and compassion.

I develop stable and mutually supportive relationships. I surround myself with family and friends who appreciate me for who I am. I welcome constructive feedback and use it to make positive changes. Affirmation: I define my own worth.

I manage my time. I treat it like a precious resource. I plan out my days and block out time for the activities I love. I limit distractions, including watching TV and browsing through social media.

I make my mental and physical health a top priority. Investing in myself helps me to stay strong and maximize my potential. I eat nutritious foods and exercise regularly. I sleep well and remain optimistic.

I work hard and give generously. I collaborate with others and leverage my strengths at work. I volunteer in my community and do favors for my neighbors. Having a positive impact on my world brings me joy and fulfillment. Affirmation: I define my own worth.

Today, I feel confident and secure. I value myself and recognize my own power.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why am I worthy of love and respect?

2. What is the difference between confidence and arrogance?

3. What does my faith teach me about my own worth?

Affirmation: I define my own worth.

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