Check out this week’s affirmation: I cultivate positive emotions.

Without understanding more of the nuance behind the phrase “feeling happy,” we can miss opportunities for positive emotion in our life. In her book Positivity, psychologist Barbara Fredrickson suggests that we experience a range of positive emotions and that each of these helps us to build resources or broaden our perspective in useful ways. Affirmation: I cultivate positive emotions

There are a number of positive emotions that can play a role in happiness.

I cultivate positive emotions. Affirmation: I cultivate positive emotions

I take charge of my feelings. My happiness comes from within.

My life has purpose. I set meaningful goals and strive to reach them. I align my actions with my values. I devote my time to challenging and rewarding activities.

I take care of my health and wellbeing. I eat a balanced diet and work out regularly. I sleep well and manage stress. Affirmation: I cultivate positive emotions

I connect with family and friends. I build a strong network of support. My loved ones make happy times more joyful and difficult times easier to bear. I make family dinners and weekly coffee dates a top priority.

I find comfort and strength in my spiritual beliefs. I remember that hardships are temporary. I pray each day on my own and with my faith community.

I replace anger with compassion. When I have a conflict with someone, I try to put myself in their position. I care about their welfare. I look for compromises that can satisfy us both. Affirmation: I cultivate positive emotions

I notice the silver lining in difficult situations. I let go of disappointments and regrets.

I spend time appreciating nature. Green spaces remind me of the abundance in the world. I run through the park in the morning and watch the sun set at night.

I laugh and have fun. I feel grateful to be alive. Affirmation: I cultivate positive emotions

Today, I am calm and cheerful. Generating positive emotions makes me happier and more resilient.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What do I do to cultivate positive emotions?

2. How does listening to music affect my mood?

3. What is one childhood memory that makes me feel loved?

Affirmation: I cultivate positive emotions

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