Check out this week’s affirmation: I approve of who I am and that is enough.

Accepting the reality of your life sounds like it should be easy enough. But many, many people hold to their own version of reality. It may be based in regret, disappointment, denial, or just waiting for something better–a promotion, for the kids to be grown, retirement, whatever.

Failing to connect with reality is why some of us have pants in the closet that haven’t fit in years. More significantly, it keeps people in unfulfilling jobs or even in the wrong profession entirely.

There are few better things you can do for yourself than giving up the fictional version of your life and learning to accept yourself, your life, and your reality. Even if your situation is terrible, the first step in improving it is acknowledging it for what it is.

I approve of who I am and that is enough.

I am free from worrying about the approval of others. The opinions of others are outside of my control. I avoid spending time thinking about things that are beyond my influence.

I allow others to think whatever they like. I am too busy living my life to care.

I approve of myself. I live my life in a way that pleases me and fills me with pride. I live according to my values, so I am always comfortable with myself and my choices.

I avoid making decisions that would make me feel embarrassed or ashamed. I approve of myself and how I live my life.

That is enough for me.

I am focused on my own life. I am too focused to worry about what other people are doing, thinking, or saying. I know that most people have better things to do than to disapprove of me.

I am free to live my life as I please.

Today, I am giving myself all the approval I need to have a great day. I am living my best life and hoping that others are doing the same. I believe that my approval is all I need. I approve of who I am and that is enough.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What do I like the most about myself? What other qualities could I appreciate if I allowed myself to?

2. Am I concerned about the approval of others? If so, why? What does their approval do for me?

3. If others did disapprove of me, what impact does that have on my life? Is that relevant?

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