Affirmation: I achieve my goals.

Check out this week’s affirmation: I achieve my goals.

As we enter the goal setting season, I think it’s important that when you set your goals, you give yourself the best chance of success. Especially when you look at the failure rates, according to Forbes 92 percent of people failing to reach their targets.

If you want to set yourself a big bold goal, then to increase your chance of success, be clear about what success looks like, make sure it’s your goal and understand why it’s important to you, break it down to small goals, track your performance and celebrate each small success.

If you can do that then you will significantly increase your chance of being in that small group of 8 percent who achieve their goals.

I achieve my goals.

When I set a goal, I achieve it. I act on my intentions and bring my dreams to life.

I clarify my priorities. I would rather succeed at one goal than become overwhelmed by tackling too many projects at one time.

I track my progress. I ask others for feedback. I set interim milestones that help to keep me on track.

I build my confidence. I review my past victories. Each accomplishment creates positive momentum. I know that I am strong and resilient.

I tell others about my plans. I feel more accountable when I make my goals public. I am more likely to stick to my diet if others know I am trying to lose weight.

I remember my purpose. Having a clear picture of what I want to achieve drives me forward.

I reach out for support. I let my family and friends know how they can help me. I accomplish more when I collaborate with others. We reinforce each other’s efforts and celebrate our victories.

I remain patient and persistent. I set realistic timelines that help me to avoid stress and enhance my credibility. I identify likely barriers and develop strategies for overcoming them. I focus on sustainable outcomes rather than quick results.

Today, I commit myself to achieving my goals. I create habits that bring me closer to what I want out of life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why is it important to write down my goals?

2. How do I deal with naysayers who discourage me from pursuing my dreams?

3. How do goals help me to learn and grow?

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