Part of the practice of living life on Purpose is coming to terms with the truth there will always be high points and low points in life. Change is inevitable in the material world, with periods of great joy and happiness one moment and, at other times, unfortunate sorrow and undue stress. How then, does a person find peace in a world of highs and lows?

The natural state of a persons’ life is, by nature, beautiful, filled with love, great compassion, joy, and happiness, with periods of suffering and adversity. However, as a society, rather than focusing on all the good in life, people more often than not, concentrate on their individual periods of hardship and suffering and spread a message of chaos and discord. Whether it’s the increasing cost of health care, the state of the world economy, the most recent crime headline, or the horrors of culture conflicts resulting in war, focusing on these negative viewpoints leads a person to feel stressed and angered.

How does a person deal with difficult situations and emotions? What does he or she do to cultivate a sense of well-being and peace for himself or herself? Whether a person is overwhelmed by the horror of the most recent news headlines, dealing with the recent loss of a loved one, or has no way to pay the mortgage or rent this month, crisis takes many forms. Its impact is felt deeply. A person feels helpless, sad, and overwhelmed. Stress, anger, disappointment — these are parts of life, just like happiness, calmness, and laughter.

An individual’s true nature is Sat-Chit-Ananda, all knowing, eternal, blissful, and full of knowledge. Every person ultimately wants to live a peaceful life, with the ability to prosper and grow as a person. The challenge is to overcome the limiting belief that external conflicts must be fought and won to earn peace on earth. True peace results when a person takes steps towards understanding their inner self. To do this, a person must study the areas of their life they least want to address, the burning and entangled battles within and the repeated negative behavioral patterns that lead to unnecessary suffering and conflict. To find peace is to know a person’s true and best self.

How do you find inner peace? The first step is to become conscious that the world may be wayward and mostly out of a persons’ control. It is a person’s choice to be at peace and find harmony in life. The secret to peace is for an individual to be content with his or her lot in life. A person must remove the habit of blaming others for their hardship and blaming external factors in life, but take responsibility for themselves and find joy in who he or she is in life.

Living life in the modern material world can be busy, hectic, and sometimes overwhelming. It might feel impossible to bring a little more inner peace and awareness into your life. Take small, incremental steps to change your life, and over time, you will see big rewards and discover your true life’s purpose and happiness. May all beings be happy and free, and may all our thoughts, words, and actions bring happiness and some freedom to all.


  1. Know your ideal self. Start by making a list of all the good qualities you intend to cultivate.
  2. Do your best in every situation. Be aware of the truth that how you do one thing in life is how you do everything else in life. Do not accept mediocrity by doing only 80% of your ability, but do everything at 100% and let go of the outcome.
  3. Ask for Forgiveness. Correct your mistakes as soon as possible, and you can find peace of mind in the fact you have improved upon your actions and done your part to relieve any ill feeling or guilt.
  4. Practice patience. Other people around you may not be living as you have chosen to. Respond in a way that will give you peace of mind. Take a deep breath before reacting to people who push your buttons.
  5. Validate yourself. You will not get to feel that lovely sense of peace if you don’t take the time to acknowledge it. Celebrate all your victories in life.

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