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Goal Setting E Course

How to Create Effective Goals

    Goal Setting Course

    A very significant component of my personal coaching practice is goal setting. In order to reach a goal, one has to set them.

    The ability to set goals makes an enormous contribution to the success of an individual. Most successful people are goal-orientated.

    They take time to identify what it is that they want and they build up a really clear and detailed picture of what achieving the goal will look and feel like. They then take regular action to move towards their goal. Goal Setting Course

    Without goals, there would be no passion, purpose, or drive in life. If your goals are too vague, you’ll find much more difficulty on your journey than if you’d properly prepared in the first place. Goal Setting Course

    Begin Your Journey. Learn How to Set Goals with our 4 Week Email Coaching Course

    About Our 4 Week Goal Setting E Coaching Program

    Every now and then, you may ponder the complexities and maybe even some chaos in your life. You might struggle to figure out what’s next. Maybe you feel confused at times about which way to go. Have you thought about setting your life priorities to make your life easier?

    We all have things we want to accomplish in life and, for the most part, we do our best to achieve those goals. Sometimes, however, we manage to set goals that aren’t effective or achievable and this can cause us a great deal of strife.

    Goal Setting Course

    Do You Need Goal Setting E Coaching

    In our Goal Setting Coaching E Series we explore the vision you have for your life, help set goals which fit into the bigger picture, explore and decide which goals are most meaningful (or exciting!) to move forward with, look at goal ecology, obstacles, success boosters and begin to take action.

    Sounds simple enough right? Well it is when you have the right tools and techniques to guide you.

    Goal Setting Course

    What You Will Learn

    Goal Setting Course

    Week 1. Inspiration for Creating a Most Wonderful Life

    Your life is a wonderful gift. Each day, you can do anything you want, any way you want, any time you want. You might be saying to yourself, “I seem to be caught in the humdrum of my life right now” or “I’m struggling to achieve my life goals. How can I get to a place where I can do whatever I want?”

    The fact is that you’re choosing everything that’s happening now, even though you may feel stuck in your current life situation.

    If you can imagine what you really want and allow your dreams to come to the surface of your mind, you can do great things. You have the power to achieve the life you’ve always wanted, simply by opening your mind to the dreams you may have been afraid to dream in the past.

    This module brings you 10 quotes that can change your life. They will help you create the incredible life that you aspire to live. Study each quote, reflect on the discussion, and then put the tips for each quote into action.

    The quotations can be interpreted in many ways, so feel free to put your own spin on it. What does each quote mean to you?

    Get ready. Your dream life is waiting for you to go after it.

    Goal Setting Course

    What You Will Receive

    1. Inspiration for Creating a Most Wonderful Life 35 Page E-Book, to Visualize your best life and pursue it with all your might

    2. Inspiration for Creating a Most Wonderful Life Workbook, to get started now to begin working toward the life you’ve always wanted.

    2. Inspiration for Creating a Most Wonderful Life Action Guide, to to create the fulfilling life you seek!

    Goal Setting Course

    Week 2. Developing Your Strengths

    Few, if any, of us are born with all the traits, talents, and skills that we’d like to possess. Some of us wish we were taller or smarter or more musically inclined. While many things can’t be improved or changed, the good news is that many things can!

    You can improve and become the person you want to be. You can possess the abilities you want to have. And you can make all this possible by developing your strengths.

    This book will cover a variety of tools that you can use to regularly be at your current best and, just as importantly, to become the best possible version of yourself.

    We’ll explore the importance of finding your passions, meditation, goal setting, visualization, positive affirmations, evaluation, and the incredible power of practice.

    In the module, reflect on how you’re living currently and ask yourself, “Is this what I want for my life?” As you examine your life, you’ll be encouraged to thoroughly think through specific elements of your existence you might like to change.

    The purpose of this module is to help you develop a life plan that will lead you to the life you desire.

    Goal Setting Course

    What You Will Receive

    1. Developing Your Strengths 29 page E-Book to find your passion and develop your strengths

    2. Developing Your Strengths Workbook to help you along the path to identifying and developing your strengths

    3. Developing Your Strengths Executive Summary

    3. Developing Your Strengths Checklist

    Goal Setting Course

    Goal Setting Course

    Goal Setting Course

    Goal Setting Course

    Goal Setting Course

    Goal Setting Course

    Week 3. Create the Life you want by tapping into this surprising power source

    Are you happy with the path you are traveling? Are the personal, professional, and financial aspects of your life headed in a positive direction?

    Or are you constantly navigating troublesome relationships, disappointments at work, and financial struggles?

    Regardless of which aspects of life are displeasing, you have the power to tackle and overcome obstacles. This guide will help you discover and learn how to use your power source to create the life you’ve always wanted.

    Your Personal Power Source

    How many times have you said something like, “I wish that wouldn’t have happened” or “My life just isn’t turning out the way I would like”?

    If you find yourself feeling like the world is mistreating you, maybe it’s time to look within yourself for the life that eludes you.

    What You Will Receive

    1. Create the Life you want by tapping into this surprising power source 28 Page E-Book to create the inspiring, desirable life you so richly deserve.

    2. Create the Life you want by tapping into this surprising power source workbook, you’ll be well on your way to the life you’ve always dreamed of.

    Goal Setting Course

    Week 4. Creating Power Goals

    We often daydream about what we want to accomplish in life, but how often do we actually put together a plan for making these daydreams a reality?

    Why are celebrities the only ones who appear to be living extraordinary lives? Each one of us is capable of creating a roadmap with mini- goals, which can help us achieve the greatness we deserve.

    Those daydreams of ours are really life goals, and our dreams will differ from person to person. However, beware of simply setting goals without any real serious thought as to how you can achieve them!

    Setting goals improperly can be disappointing. Why? Well, if you’re not clear and realistic about your goals, there’s little likelihood of you achieving them. Then your goals simply remain dreams.

    How can you set goals that will lead to success?

    There’s a powerful formula that you should keep in mind when setting goals for career, business and personal aspirations.

    What You Will Receive

    1. Creating Power Goals 15 page E-Book

    2. Creating Power Goals Wookbook

    Goal Setting Course

    Goal Setting Course

    Do you find it easy to set exciting goals, but you lose track somewhere along the way? As much as you want to lose weight or earn a promotion, you often find yourself back where you started. Setting daily goals may be your key to success.

    Hang onto your long-term objectives but use short term goals to guide you towards your ultimate destination. Find out more about the benefits of daily goals and how to use them.

    Finding it too easy to hit your goals? Maybe you have goals that simply don’t challenge you – and in this case, are they really goals at all?

    When it comes to making goals that help you in the long run, it’s important to ensure that they are progressive. By this, we mean that they are steppingstones to greater success.

    Let the Process Work for You

    If you’ve been feeling stuck or downhearted by your lack of progress Start Your Extraordinary Goal Setting Coaching Series to make more progressive goals that get you back onto a path toward the success you seek